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Classroom Policies

  • NO GUM, FOOD or DRINK allowed in classroom EXCEPT for water, in a sealable bottle

  • NO big jewelry (ie. necklaces, bracelets, earrings)

  • NO running in hallways

  • Street clothes (ie. shorts, pants, shirts, skirts, dresses) must be worn when arriving or leaving the Studio

  • Warm up clothing may be worn at the beginning of class, during colder weather but needs to be SOLID colors with NO writing unless it is STUDIO apparel. Teachers have the right to ask the student to remove it if not in compliance.

  • Dress Code will be enforced by teachers. If you have questions please ask your child’s teacher or Ms. Robyn. This dress code is created to ensure modesty for all dancers.

  • No personal belongings in the classroom unless asked by the teacher. There is a dressing room and waiting room set-up specifically to hold those items while students are in class.

  • Be Prepared! Come to class with your hair up and shoes on!

  • DO NOT make your teacher come looking for you at the start of class! Be in your class a few minutes before the start time.

  • Student arriving 15 minutes AFTER the start of class may be asked by the teacher to observe the class. Student arriving 20 or more minutes AFTER the start of class will be asked to observe the class and will NOT be able to participate.

  • All dancers should have their hair up and away from their face. It should either be in a bun (for ballet and pointe) or a pony tail (for tap, jazz, modern and other class). Hair should stay out of the face FOR THE ENTIRE CLASS TIME. Dancers with short hair needs to have hair secured out of their face.

  • RESPECT is required and expected of every dancer before, during, and after class. Respect is shown by following teacher’s directions unless they are inappropriate, not talking back to a teacher, not talking about unrelated subjects, and waiting until being dismissed before leaving. Respect should not only be given to teacher’s, but also to other classmates and staff. Students who are disrespectful may be asked to sit out for a short time, leave the class, or call a meeting between teacher and parents.

  • Dance Etiquette

  • Students should arrive before class time to change, use the restroom, and get water.

  • Dance shoes should not be worn outside.

  • Regular attendance is crucial. Absences affect everyone in the class. Excessive absences will have ramifications.

  • Mark your calendars for dress rehearsal and recital. Do NOT schedule other activities for those days. Dancers need to be present for dress rehearsal or they may be asked not to participate at recital by administration.

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